Team and Individual

Line management, change management, crisis management, project management.

Through my work and training experience, deductive ability, my ability to quickly come to the heart of the issue or competences of people, I am a human-oriented manager (servant leadership) who creatively and enthusiastically, practically, decisively achieves the stated goals.
I work thoroughly and efficiently and see fast innovation and efficiency opportunities that can be used.

I worked as a manager, team manager, program manager, change manager, people manager.

I have followed leadership training, various management training courses and a Master Management and ICT. In addition, I followed various project and program management training courses and coaching programs.

Insight and awareness create space and trust.

My assignments as a business coach are very diverse. Some recent examples:

  • Coaching PMO managers and
  • Head of department of project organizations and
  • CEO, CIO, Management (Strategic Development, Talent Management, Diversity Policy).

You could say that I am the “left hand” at the strategic and tactical level. My commitment depends on the desire ranging from one hour a week to full time support for a longer period of time. In addition to my management training, I was trained as a coach, change manager (Caluw√© color print thinking) and certified to take DISC assessments (both leadership and personal assessment).