Drs. Dick F. Swaab (professor of neurobiology) Dutch brainresearch center about book:
“Interesting hypothesis”, never before researched.

Bert Geers ( Head projectorganisation Lower House of Parliament)
“My experience with Edith is that she’s a very innovative thinker and comes with nice solutions but at the same time helps me to apply those solutions in an existing environment ”

Jelle Alkema (Alkema en Backer Training en Advies, Councillor CDA party at Oosterhout)
“Edith has a strong personality and stands out from the crowd.”

Adel Faltas (Head projectorganisation municipality deventer)
“Edith is a positive, vibrant and creative personality. She sees the opportunity to bring in important processes in group processes that lead to new insights and awareness, a trainer who really knows how to connect with the knowledge and interest within the group and immediately gets along with it in the desired direction. Somebody who can offer real customization services. That requires courage. I highly recommend her. ”