People in (project-) organizations

Do you think of Prince2, Agile or Scrum in projects and project organizations? Do you think of a room with project employees who work together in a room to get the desired result? A project tool in which everything about project management is recorded and checked for every project, program or portfolio?

For me, these are “just”supporting to the people who work at projects. Because if people do not use them in the project, they do not contribute to the result of the project. In fact, if the person in the project does not use them correctly, they will counteract an OPTIMAL result of the project!

Everything revolves around the person who works in the project organization.

Why do I see the focus on the process, the tooling, the methodologies and training?
I believe that this happens because it is verifiable and tangible. Questions about functionality in a project tool can be answered immediately. New releases are installed. But the result that comes from a tool or report comes from the work of the project employee.
To make your project, program or portfolio as OPTIMAL as possible in order to achieve the OPTIMAL result, you need an appropriate project employee and /or manager for a specific project. They work together in a team on the end result with possible support of a methodology and project tool.

For that reason, my ideal project approach is the following:
I look at what kind of project it is. I roughly divide the projects into 4 different types (see image below). I use the following image to characterize different projects in a practical way.
Then, together with the client, I put together the most suitable team, not only on expertise and competences (knowledge and skills), but also on talent (core quality).

The expertise can be found on a personel c.v., the competences and talent of a project employee can be identified by, for example, making a DISC assessment.

By making a good analysis of the type of project within the project organization and allowing the right people in the project to work together, you get the most OPTIMAL out of the project organization. Of course, I also look at supporting the best fitting project tooling and methodology.

Sometimes you don’t have a choice in staffing the project. But I am convinced that we must then also consciously look at the project members. In order to subsequently get the best out of the available people and resources.

Would you like to know more about my approach or about the different types of projects? So that you can focus your project organization more efficiently and effectively on the basis of competencies? Feel free to contact me and I will gladly tell you about it!