Deathbed calculation S. Hawking underpins multi-universe (circular) instead of universe (linear)

A few days before his death, S. Hawking made a calculation of his idea that there is a multi-universe instead of one universe online. He worked on this calculation on his deathbed. A beautiful scientific legacy that challenges current scientists.
S.Hawking had an exceptional brain / nervous system. The fact that he suffered ALS for 55 years for the degenerative disease ALS, while ALS usually leads to death within 5 years, confirms what I discovered and wrote in my first book “The direct link between degenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s, ALS, Parkinson’s, etc.) and IQ and HSP“.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a fatal nerve / muscle disease. It is one of the most serious and debilitating disorders of the nervous system, which leads to insufficient functioning of the muscles. This is because the motor nerve cells in the spinal cord and the lower part of the brain – the so-called brainstem – die off.
S. Hawking (compared to the norm) should have an exceptionally structured, thick and high graded brain mass (IQ), in proportion to a more unstructured and thinner white brain mass. This caused his illness to last extremely long.

Back to the last period in his life, in which he leaves us with the theory that there are more than one universe (multi-universe). He bases this theory on quantum, which is comparable to circular thinking in the purest form in the brain. I devoted a chapter about this in my second book “Linear and Circular thinking”.

I quote from the calculation of S. Hawking:

“We work in the no-boundary quantum state. This gives the ground state and is heavily biased towards universes with a low amount of inflation. However we do not observe the entire universe. Instead our observations are limited to a small patch mostly along part of our past light cone. “


A perfect description of circular thinking and limited linear thinking. Literally and figuratively. He believed in a multi-universe, I see journalists writing about a parallel universe(!!) But parallel universes do not touch each other. These are several parallel universes behind or below each other. That is linear thinking in plural.

I dare to say that there are several universes that are criss-cross, everywhere.

P.S. Has anyone been smart enough to analyze the composition of S. Hawking’s brain before or during diagnosis of ALS disease on white and gray brain mass? The answer is unfortunately negative. Science and techniques have only been able to do this for a few years.
P.S Do we do this in recent years? The answer is again negative. Why not? Interests, politics, dependence, money, healthcare market, medical industry, linear scientists.