Being in control

“Being in control”
Organizations invest millions to be in control. Control over data with support from software, security, projectmanagement, directed employees, assessment interviews, etc.

When I came across the (header-) photo of Einstein with doll (1931), I could do nothing else than to conclude the following:

He had this photo taken at the time when he was terribly struggling with the quantum theory. Having en wanting  control requires (scientific) research. He wanted to know. But he did not get quantum under control.

He was, however, one of the founders of quantum. Well described here.


People who need to have control over “subjects” (including people) will do everything to get this control. If this does not work, then they completely lose control of themselves and must return to their core to be in (self)control first.

In other words: Innovation is an interaction between the desire for external control and the need for internal control.

One can not do without the other.


We still have no control over quantum mechanics, no matter how much scientists or innovators want to claim they do. And this will remain so, until science or the researcher loses control, goes back to its core, self-consciously looks to see if she is able to find the solution and that she also dares to admit to herself and others.

Not being able, willing or doing this, only brings unnecessary costs and stagnation.