About me

Innovative Advisor, -Manager

I have fulfilled various functions within different sectors. The focus in those functions is on developing companies, teams and individuals, as well as developing products and services.
I am also involved socially and politically. The main topics of my interests are (inclusive) education, (social-and tech-) innovation and diversity, these 3 subjects have direct and indirect links with all other social topics. I advise the House of Representatives and participate in various (theme- and work-) groups.


My talent

Deductive ability (based solely on the given information and based on it to make correct conclusions), storing and retrieving information in short-term memory while providing solutions, effectively solving problems and a very strong ability to verbalize. The ability to make fast and correct connections.
Practical I see the core of a problem much faster than others. I also signal and see trends sooner. I combine this talent with my broad knowledge and expertise, work and learning experience.
Insight into people and the best match on deployment of people’s competencies to achieve the most successful outcome. I work with fun, very efficiently and am not afraid to make decisions. I feel great with complexity.
I’m a conceptual thinker, my advice comes from my deductive ability combined with my broad knowledge and interests and work and learning experience. I’m an “out of the box” thinker. I am also able to concretize the advice with you. I work iteratively and interactively with you because support is crusual in implementation in the overall solution of your issue.
I am analytical, critical, thorough and reliable and always looking for innovation, improvement.

Knowlegde Areas

Establish Innovation Organization (Project Organization)
Renew or develop services and products
Developing teams and individuals (right talent in the right place)
Knowledge management, Strategy, Vision, Change management
Management, Consulting and Coaching
ICT (software, websites, intra and extranet, projects)


o.a. Master management en ICT, management en projectmanagement educations, Coach en DISC analist.

My resume